Design and Coding by Mike Strick
Desktop Match Centre
I designed and developed this Perl/Tk application
for the World Cup. It reads a set of live XML feeds
and displays the latest scores and commentary. It is
fully skinable, and downloads all its own skin graphics,
allowing embedded promotions etc.
Some of its supporting web pages are also reproduced here.
Algebra TV Client Management System
This PHP system allows Algebra TV staff to administer files
on line for their clients. The system automatically creates
password-protected pages for clients to which their files can be
uploaded and maintained. All uploaded files are databased and can
be shared by multiple clients as desired. News & Reviews Tools
This suite of PHP tools allow the online editing of
Unrated's news and review articles. Images can be
uploaded to accompany the articles. Headlines from
the uploaded content can selectively be added to a
JavaScript marquee, as well as to index blocks
throughout the site. - Flash, illustrations, animations, web design and programming by London freelance designer and coder Mike Strick